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Office of the Government Chancellery

Information and Communications Unit of the Government

The Information and Communications Unit of the Government (Information und Kommunikation der Regierung, IKR) is a unit of the Office of the Government Chancellery, assigned organisationally to the Ministry of General Government Affairs and Finance. Its core responsibility is governmental communication. The unit's activities are divided into the two areas of Communications and Technical Services. Communications includes communicative support for Government business, content support for media enquiries, preparation of a wide range of texts, and monitoring of international media coverage of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Technical Services primarily covers organisational tasks, including the organisation of media conferences, planning of photo sessions, preparation of weekly schedules, dispatch of media releases, and administration of the National Television Channel and the Government website.


  • Head

    Magdalena Hilbe

    +423 236 76 69

  • Deputy head

    Janine Köpfli

    +423 236 67 25


Technical Services

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