Ageing Strategy for Liechtenstein

In May 2022, the Government appointed an internal working group with the mandate to develop an Ageing Strategy for the Principality of Liechtenstein by the end of 2023. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Culture (Chair), the Ministry of General Government Affairs and Finance, and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Economy and Environment are represented in the working group. Ecoplan AG – a company with proven expertise in this field – was commissioned to provide external project support.

Underlying the strategy process is the vision that Liechtenstein is a country with a high quality of life. The country's inhabitants can participate actively in social life into old age, with a high degree of independence and self-determination. The generations give each other mutual support. The State, the municipalities, the business community, society as a whole, and each and every individual take joint responsibility to achieve this vision.

Eight fields of action and three cross-cutting issues have been defined for the strategy process, as shown in the following diagram.

The Government aims to ensure broad participation in the development of the Ageing Strategy: An exchange among policymakers, the administration, the business community, and the general public is designed to gather a wide range of perspectives and needs for action. A Workshop on the Future took place for this purpose in Schaan on 27 April 2023. Seniors, municipal officials, and representatives of specialist organisations provided input on the Ageing Strategy at this workshop. Specialist workshops were also held on 15 and 16 May 2023, which examined the topics of infrastructure, economy, health, and life in more depth.