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Ministry of Social Affairs
and Culture

Social Affairs

The Ministry of Social Affairs comprises the three areas of Social Affairs, Health, and Family and Equal Opportunities.

The Ministry's responsibilities include the social security systems in Liechtenstein, such as Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV), Disability Insurance (IV), and accident and health insurance. Tasks also include overseeing supplementary benefits, family allowances, personal and economic social assistance, private social assistance providers, old-age assistance (i.e., inpatient and outpatient nursing and care), premium reductions in health insurance and rent contributions, and the coordination of social insurance. Other priorities are old-age policy and securing the financing of Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance.

Under Health, the Ministry's responsibilities include public health, health insurance, and the hospital system. Article 18 of the Liechtenstein Constitution sets out the State's public health mandate. This includes creating and optimising the necessary infrastructure while avoiding overprovision, along with monitoring and managing healthcare costs.

The Ministry is also concerned with the compatibility of family and work and with family policy. The State provides a wide range of measures to support families, including financial contributions, tax benefits, assistance in coping with difficult life situations, and counselling services. Equal opportunities are a further focus of the Ministry. This area covers gender equality and the equality of persons with disabilities, as well as integration, social disadvantages, and sexual orientation.


The focus of cultural policy is on researching, preserving, developing, and communicating Liechtenstein's cultural heritage.

Preserving cultural assets and safeguarding archaeological artefacts, which are an essential part of Liechtenstein's national consciousness and identity, archiving historically relevant documents, and promoting cultural activities are key aspects of cultural policy. Alongside individuals and associations engaged in culture and the arts, public foundations have a significant impact on Liechtenstein's understanding of its culture: the Liechtenstein National MuseumKunstmuseum Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts), the National Library of Liechtenstein, and the Liechtenstein Cultural Foundation.

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