Liechtenstein Vocational Baccalaureate School

The Liechtenstein education system offers everyone a broad range of opportunities to develop and realise their abilities, interests, and goals. The Liechtenstein Vocational Baccalaureate School is a quintessential embodiment of this aspiration. Anyone who has completed a vocational apprenticeship of at least three years can obtain a vocational baccalaureate certificate either part-time (2 years) or full-time (1 year). They can choose between five areas: Technology, Architecture, Life Science; Business and Services – Business Track; Business and Services – Services Track (full-time only); Health and Social Services; and Design and Arts. A vocational baccalaureate qualifies students to study at all Liechtenstein and Austrian universities and at all universities of applied sciences in Switzerland and Austria. Graduates with a focus on technology also have access to German universities of applied sciences.

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