Location for higher education and research

Given its small size, Liechtenstein is of course also a small location for higher education and research. But with three established and internationally renowned institutions, the quality of the higher education and research location is nevertheless very high, and the three institutions enjoy a very strong international reputation.

University of Liechtenstein

The University of Liechtenstein – the country's only public university – dates back to the 1960s and was originally established as an evening technical college. It is now one of the leading universities in the Lake Constance region. With a focus on architecture and spatial development as well as business economics (entrepreneurship, finance, and information systems), it not only offers a wide range of attractive, internationally accredited degree programmes – it has also gained a strong international standing thanks to the consistently high quality of its research output.

Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL) 

Founded in 2000, UFL is a state-authorised private university accredited according to European standards, offering doctoral programmes in law and medical science. UFL's main research areas are Liechtenstein law and translational medicine. In both areas, UFL has made a name for itself far beyond the country's borders with internationally acclaimed publications.

Liechtenstein Institute

The Liechtenstein Institute is a private, independent, and university-like research institution without the right to award academic titles. Since the Liechtenstein Institute was founded in 1986, its researchers have primarily worked on topics with a clear connection to the Principality of Liechtenstein. Over the years, the Institute has developed into an indispensable resource for investigating and analysing a wide range of national research topics in history, politics, law, and economics.