Based on the findings of the Sport Monitoring conducted in 2021, the Government commissioned a working group in February 2022 to draw up a sport and movement concept. The heart of the document is a catalogue of potential measures to promote mass and elite sport. The working group recommends eight of these measures for priority consideration, treatment, and implementation:

  • Appointment of sport and movement coordinators
  • Strengthening of prevention within the Office of Public Health
  • Strengthening of voluntary school sport
  • Framework for voluntary service
  • Integration of parasport
  • Improvement of bicycle infrastructure
  • Intensified cooperation between schools and club sports
  • Further development of competitive sport


Optimisation and expansion of sport infrastructure

Also in February 2022, the Government appointed a working group to develop measures to optimise and expand Liechtenstein's sport infrastructure. The report contains six recommendations that are to be examined and implemented in a suitable form as the next step:

  • Creation of a sport facility concept for Liechtenstein
  • Definition of a list of existing sport facilities for elite and competitive sport of national interest
  • Adjustment of the legal framework for the operation and implementation of sport facilities
  • Use of existing sport infrastructure
  • Creation of a sport campus
  • Clarifications regarding specific construction projects