Sport Monitoring 2021

After an initial survey in 2015, a second Sport Monitoring for Liechtenstein was carried out in 2021. Sport Monitoring is an analysis system that serves to identify and document relevant developments in the Liechtenstein sport landscape and to review them in light of political goals. At the same time, Sport Monitoring has a strategic component, making identification of the need for action and strategic planning possible. The instrument is divided into four priority areas: "National health and quality of life", "Education", "Integration, culture, and sustainability", and "Elite sport, economy, and image". A total of 40 indicators are assigned to these areas.

As part of the Sport Monitoring 2021 survey, 17 of these 40 indicators received a positive rating. Liechtenstein's high level of sporting and educational activity stands out in particular. The many opportunities for movement and the high density of sport facilities are also of positive note. 15 other indicators are rated neither positive nor negative, and only five are rated negative. The negative indicators include, for instance, the physical activity of young people and the number of members of sport clubs and associations. No rating was performed for three indicators.