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Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Education and Sport

Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which includes the Education and Sport Departments, brings together three complementary policy areas where Liechtenstein distinguishes itself as an active and autonomous country, both internally and externally. Policy in these areas has a strong impact on the country's self-image.

The main responsibilities of Liechtenstein foreign policy are to safeguard the sovereignty and independence of the country and to maintain and develop its relations under international law. In representing our interests, we are committed to shaping cooperation and coexistence both in the region and internationally. Foreign policy priorities include the protection of human rights and the rule of law, foreign economic and financial policy, and international solidarity within the framework of International Humanitarian Cooperation and Development.


From early childhood education to adult education – encompassing both public and private schools – the Liechtenstein education system offers a fascinating and differentiated range of opportunities, shaped on a daily basis by dedicated teachers and specialists with a view to the future. These opportunities include the University of Liechtenstein, the Agency for International Educational Affairs (AIBA), the Liechtenstein Music School, the Liechtenstein School of Art, and the Adult Education Foundation. Targeted participation in and support of scientific research and development are a further priority.


Sport and involvement in sports clubs strengthen social life in Liechtenstein and are crucial to health and quality of life. This makes it essential to safeguard the prerequisites for engaging in sport, to build on those prerequisites, and to expand them with new impulses. The aim is to enable anyone interested in sport to participate, and thereby to promote health of body and mind. At the elite level, we offer the best possible conditions for our competitive athletes and sports federations to excel.

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