Capacity for innovation has always been a cornerstone of a successful national economy. The Government is therefore committed to providing a strong framework for enterprises and innovation. Digitalisation will continue to be a key driver of innovation. The pace of innovation has increased significantly in recent years, also in the financial centre. The combination of financial services and technology ("FinTech") provides a strong impetus for the further development of the financial sector. In light of the high density of regulation in the financial centre, entrepreneurial innovation in the private sector is hardly possible without innovation on the part of the State. The Government is promoting this development of the financial centre through its globally one-of-a-kind Innovation Framework.


Blockchain technology is currently one of the most important drivers of innovation for the financial centre, but also for the real economy. Liechtenstein was the first country in the world to introduce comprehensive regulation of blockchain, with the goal of improving the protection of users, strengthening the legal certainty of companies, and supporting the development of the token economy.

Contact: Office for Financial Market Innovation and Digitalisation