From April 29 to May 2, Deputy Prime Minister Sabine Monauni, who is Liechtenstein’s Minister of Home Affairs, Economy and Environment, visited the US. In Washington, DC she held bilateral talks on Liechtenstein - US economic relations. The US is one of Liechtenstein’s most important economic and trading partners with Liechtenstein companies providing over 6’000 US jobs, against its population of 40’000. The close partnership with the US is also an increasingly important aspect of Liechtenstein’s security policy and strategic outlook, as geopolitical tensions and attacks on the international rules-based order are on the rise.

Close Economic Relations with the Potential to Grow

The bilateral exchange between US Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves and Deputy Prime Minister Sabine Monauni highlighted the robust economic partnership based on a joint commitment to democracy, the rule of law and free market economies. Deputy Secretary Graves paid particular tribute to the long-standing, reliable contributions of Liechtenstein’s companies to the US economy and supply chains, predominantly in the industrial sector. The meeting provided the opportunity for an open discussion about ways to further improve the framework conditions for Liechtenstein businesses, in particular in the area of investment and job growth. The recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between Liechtenstein and the US on apprenticeships also opens new ways to deepen cooperation by growing the number of local, qualified workers through vocational training.

„I very much appreciate how strongly the US values Liechtenstein’s contribution to its economy. I thank the Deputy Secretary of Commerce for his readiness to jointly improve conditions and increase opportunities for Liechtenstein businesses to grow and thrive in the US,” Deputy Prime Minister Sabine Monauni said.

Deputy Prime Minister Monauni also visited the US Department of State where she met with Jose Fernandez, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment. Their discussion focused on how both countries can work together as their open and rules-based economies face rising geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges. The steadfast and reliable partnership between Liechtenstein and the US is of high strategic value and provides an important measure of stability in shifting global dynamics.

Liechtenstein’s strong Footprint in the US

At a roundtable discussion with representatives of US-based Liechtenstein companies, the Deputy Prime Minister was briefed on the current business environment, US market presence and plans for growth. The North American heads from Hilti, Ivoclar, Neutrik, RiceTec, as well as LGT Capital Partners gave an overview of how their companies are impacting their respective sectors - from construction, to health and audio-visual technology, as well as agriculture and financial services – and they highlighted challenges that they currently face.

Deputy Prime Minister Sabine Monauni also travelled west to Colorado where she visited KAISER PREMIER in the city of Fort Morgan. With over 100 employees, KAISER PREMIER is part of the KAISER Group based in Schaanwald, Liechtenstein, and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydro-excavation, sewer cleaning equipment, and walking excavators. Present in the US since 2017, KAISER PREMIER continues to grow and invest in R&D, sustainability, as well as to promote vocational training of young people in the region. With that the company is a prime example of Liechtenstein’s positive, long-term economic engagement in the US.  

Close to Denver, the Deputy Prime Minister visited the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), where she was presented with the latest research findings on sustainable energy in the US and explored opportunities to develop partnerships and exchange best-practices in approaches to reducing CO2 emissions.